Feng Shui Lab. is a creator of synergy
Feng Shui constitutes both a strategic and unifying tool in many different areas in your company. Feng Shui Lab. can help you to develop a synergy between your head office, your business project and your objectives.

Feng Shui Lab. is a creator of consistency
Every area of your company has a specific direction (north, south, southwest, etc.) and a field of activity, and follows specific layout, colour and shape rules



Feng Shui helps you to optimise your potential (increase your business successes, turnover, image…) by improving the following areas:

:: finance
:: business development
:: research and innovation
:: brand
public Relations, communication
human relationships
external supports  

Discover your company’s human potential

Feng Shui Lab. makes sure that business managers have all the tools necessary to optimise the management and decision-making processes which impact on each employee and make their business successful. 

Feng Shui Lab. will help your employees to find their place in the company, which is essential for shaping harmonious professional relationships and optimising the work achieved in every department of your company. Inspired by coaching techniques, Feng Shui Lab. provides support to the teams and individuals who experience difficulty in adapting to the changes affecting their work place.

Feng Shui techniques can be part of human relationships and well-being policies in the workplace and can easily meet official environmental and high social quality requirements Thus, Feng Shui boosts and reflects your commitment to both internal and external communication.

Feng Shui Lab. offers space planning for offices and premises. This space planning is based on observation and assessment of the building’s environment, its specific direction, the energy flows it is subjected to as well as its inside and outside configuration. Moreover, the specific information related to the company, its sector, its organisation chart (departments and managers), its specificities, its problems and its goals are also part of this assessment.
Featured Project
A medium-size business asked Feng Shui Lab. to help choose a site for its new head office. An assessment of each site was carried out with an evaluation of the respective strengths and weaknesses. Our assessment revealed the best site. Our work on space planning and energy flow was an opportunity to optimise each department and unite everyone in the company around a common project..

Feng Shui for businesses

Some business locations are more favorable than others. Feng Shui can help you to choose a good location for your business.

A shop, a hotel or restaurant with a good Qi will attract high-quality customers while ensuring growth, prosperity and support in the long-term.

Feng Shui Lab. offers the possibility to consolidate your strengths, to showcase your products and services, to forge your identity and reputation through a new vision of your workspace organisation and energy flow.

Following Feng Shui principles in the layout of some parts or the whole of your business creates added value in terms of money, strategy, image, communication and visibility.

Featured Project
Feng Shui Lab. collaborated with the French designer, Annabel Winship, to arrange her shop in Paris. Our advice enhanced the brand’s visibility as well as the reception conditions.


Feng Shui for healthcare institutions and well-being centres

Feng Shui environment provides relaxing conditions in situations of stress and anxiety.
Feng Shui Lab. is particularly interested in doing up nursing homes and other collective living places. Hospitality and wellness within hospitals and nursing homes is very important and solutions can be provided to enhance these institutions while remaining within official quality requirements.

Feng Shui Lab. can help to arrange medical or paramedical offices according to the type of activity (specialist practice, alternative medicine, psychology/psychiatry, coaching, wellness and well-being) and patients (children, teenagers, adults and seniors).

The space planning proposed by Feng Shui Lab. will not be the same for each client. For a pediatrician’s private practice, the sector of creativity and playing will be enhanced. For a gynecologist’s office, the woman’s sector will be taken into account..
Featured Project
A hypnotherapist asked Feng Shui Lab. to fit out a new office. The work consisted in improving the sectors of personal development and self-confidence as well as health and support. We paid particular attention to the very centre of the office in order to improve stability and balance.

Any intervention is subject to a preliminary estimate according to your request and your project.

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