Feng Shui is a very ancient tradition that has been adapted to accommodate the contemporary Western world.
:: FENG SHUI LAB. uses the tradition’s golden rule to live together in harmony and achieve a permanent state of well-being.

:: FENG SHUI LAB. applies with its own personal touch Feng Shui principles to every space and project.

:: FENG SHUI LAB. is a modern Western vision of traditional Feng Shui striving for harmony and balance in personal life and in the professional environment.

:: FENG SHUI LAB. is a strategic, innovative and personal support to improve well-being as well as commercial success in the business environment.

:: FENG SHUI LAB. gives the Feng Shui Label to exceptional places that aim at exclusive reception services.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in some places? Or, on the contrary, immediately felt like you belonged in some others?

Feng Shui aims at balancing all the influences that affect people and places.

It creates harmony between people and their living environment

What if Feng Shui helped you find the ideal location for your new business?
And what if you used this long-lasting practice as an innovative way to optimise your energy?

Feng Shui can help companies, businesses and communities in many ways.

In 2012, Feng Shui Lab. launched the Feng Shui Label for hotels, restaurants, spas and businesses.

This certificate adds immediate value and assures a competitive position on the market.


Are you looking for well-being and harmony in your home?

In addition to your own choices for interior design and architecture, Feng Shui Lab. offers customised space planning.

Individuals will experience harmonious living and working, and achieve their goals.
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