An immediate added value and a choice that makes a difference
Enhance customising and exclusivity: your customers will find in your certified Feng Shui institution a new source of personal fulfillment.
You will develop new ways to build loyalty and become a pioneer in your sector

An exceptional image
Be a visionary with an approach that combines an ancient tradition and the art of reception. The Feng Shui certificate gives you access into the very privileged world of the Feng Shui Label, and enhances your image with your clients and partners.

A team of experts
Our team is made up of experts in Feng Shui, architecture, construction management and cost control, construction law, luxury and communication.
The Label


From the direction that your living or working space faces, we assess and work on :

:: external environment

:: energy flow

:: space planning and arrangement

:: interior design (shapes, materials and colours))

:: symbolism (decoration)

:: temporal influence (impact of the history of the building)

The Label guarantees innovation and exclusivity for your premises

By 2017, France could be visited by 4 million Chinese a year. The Feng Shui Label will help you to attract these new customers as well as the English-speaking general public that has already adopted Feng Shui as a lifestyle.
Conforming your space to Feng Shui rules will offer your customers an original additional service: spaces arranged and enhanced (suites, spas, hotel bars, waiting rooms, shops …) by our Feng Shui experts who also deliver the guaranteed Feng Shui Label. You will be able to add a unique and exclusive quality to your customers’ well-being: the emotional and sensory dimension.

Those businesses that obtain the Feng Shui Label will adhere to the Feng Shui Charter and meet the requirements of Feng Shui rules. These are determined by a precise compass reading of the building taking into account the space and time dimensions, key-dates and the environment.

Featured Project

The hotel Café de Madrid in Guéthary chose to trust Feng Shui Lab. to provide its clients with this special touch that makes you feel naturally at home in comfortable surroundings.
Room number 1 is situated in the sector of creativity, children and projects. Therefore, it was chosen to provide its occupants with maximum comfort, harmony and balance according to Feng Shui rules. Everything was optimised to create natural well-being with respect to the spirit of the place: the blue and grey shades, natural materials, the shape of ornaments, the choice and the place of the furniture, the comfort and the direction of the king-size bed, the desk and the child’s bed.

Any intervention is subject to a preliminary estimate according to your request and your project.

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