Bringing harmony into your home
The quality of the nearby buildings and environment, the lie of the land, the shape and date of construction, the layout of the rooms, the flow of energy, the decorative objects, etc. are all indicators of the quality of Feng Shui in your living space.

Bringing Feng Shui home means to become aware of the impact of the environment on your life, health, relationships and events.
In order to provide you with maximum consistency, Feng Shui Lab. often works in collaboration with architects and interior designers to offer you a design that suits your tastes and budget.

Personalise your living spaces according to who you really are
By turning to Feng Shui Lab. for the assessment and plan of your home, you give your projects every opportunity to materialise at the right time and in the best conditions.
For instance, your quality of sleep will be improved and you will find your relationship with your partner to be more harmonious. Your children will enjoy the best conditions to stay focused and pass their exams.
Finally, do not forget to prepare a Feng Shui room for your unborn baby to ensure that it will enjoy comfort and health once it is born.


Each room in your home (entrance hall, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) corresponds to a specific aspect of your life. The Feng Shui design of these spaces can have an effect on the following aspects:

:: health
:: love
:: projects
:: creativity
:: carreer
:: wealth
:: self-esteem
:: self-confidence
:: relationships
:: family
:: studies
:: support
  A new place to live?  

Selecting a new place to live is a financial investment. It is also an emotional investment, even a sentimental one, that is important in terms of time and energy. Being able to imagine a new environment in which everyone can find their place is a key step. Feng Shui Lab. guides you in this new stage.

The study of the environment, of the orientation and layout of the surroundings as well as of the energy flow enables Feng Shui Lab. to make an initial evaluation.
It will provide you with important information about the way this place can or cannot sustain your life plans.
Once you have made a choice, Feng Shui Lab. will carry out the Feng Shui assessment of your chosen home and will suggest lay out options that are likely to bring harmony and balance for each occupant.

Featured Project
A client contacted Feng Shui Lab. to boost her career. While visiting her house, it appeared that some decorations in the work sector hindered harmonious relationships. Moving these items and rearranging the career sector according to Feng Shui rules enabled her to regain harmonious relations at work, and then to see  new career prospects.
  Would you like to build a Feng Shui house?  

Feng Shui Lab.‘s intervention starts with your search for a plot of land. In collaboration with your architect, we design a house that will meet your desire for a more comfortable life.

Feng Shui Lab. optimises your home so that everyone and everything are naturally and always in their right place.

Feng Shui Lab. assesses the environment, the layout of the premises, the energy quality and recommends  appropriate solutions for the house, the layout of the rooms according to the date of birth of each resident (aka Kua Number), the energy flow, the selection of shapes, materials and colours.

Featured Project
A young retired couple wished to embark on building a new home. Feng Shui Lab. gave them some useful advice in order to fulfill their desire for a modern house which opens onto the natural environment. The direction that the house faces, the layout of the rooms according to the area involved (love, health, social life, money, plans) and the selection of colours, shapes and material were chosen in order to respect the customers’ style and the Feng Shui of the place.
Any intervention is subject to a preliminary estimate according to your request and your project.

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