Feng Shui Lab. was founded to provide all customers with the expertise and guidance in the art of Feng Shui, whether they are private individuals, businesses or communities.
Our philosophy is based on the principle of consistency: matching your present situation with your goals.

 Feng Shui Lab.works with professionals in areas such as construction, architecture, law and communication. Drawing on these skills, we are able to offer a complete range of services adjusted to each project: studio, head office, house, shop, hotel, spa or public facilities.

To go one step further, Feng Shui Lab. innovates and launches the Feng Shui Label for hotels, restaurants, spas and businesses that want to differentiate themselves and provide their clients with exceptional conditions of reception and well-being.





"Before founding Feng Shui Lab., I spent over twelve years in Public Affairs.

My role was an intermediary between people, cultures and projects that were sometimes very different. My job was also about creating the best conditions for dialogue, in a constant search for harmony and balance.
That’s how I came to be interested in tools such as Coaching and Feng Shui.

I studied with distinguished professionals (Lunion Formation, the Ecole Française De Feng Shui) who ensure the best technical training with flawless professional ethics. I put these values, this expertise and my own experience at the service of my clients who treasure a high quality of life. "

Caroline Lamassoure
Founder of Feng Shui Lab.
Assessment by Feng Shui Lab. 

Ideally, Feng Shui Lab. should be involved from the design stage of your project.

The work of Feng Shui experts is to assess all the environmental and energy-related information available on a building. This reading is done according to precise and subtle rules deriving from the traditional Feng Shui.

The assessment begins with a discussion (or a series of meetings in the company) during which the clients present their projects, goals, aspirations and the eventual constraints and difficulties they meet.

Then, after a study of the place (on-site visit, plans, information on the history of the building, date of construction, etc.), the Feng Shui expert is able to determine its identity and energy quality.

Once this first task has been accomplished, Feng Shui Lab. makes a series of recommendations to have the best space planning.
Feng Shui Lab.
also helps you to implement these suggestions and ideas. It may sometimes be a question of small re-arrangements or it can lead to a more significant transformation of the space. In all cases, the changes are made according to your own choices, pace, tastes and budget.
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